Learn All About UIUX And Its Amazing Careers

UX stands for “User Experience” design, and UI is for “User Interface” design. They work closely and are both very important factors in any product. Both UX and UI refer to different aspects of the product design and development process.

User Experience (UX) Design

UX, the term coined by Don Norman, explains UX as “User Experience covers all aspects of the person's experience with the system, including industrial design graphics, the interface, the physical interaction and the manual.”

As User Experience refers to the interaction between a user and the product/service, it applies simply to anything that can be experienced, for instance, ATMs, a website or a shopping center. The end goal of the UX design is to provide a simple, efficient, relevant and a worthwhile experience for the end user.

User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface is the point of interaction between the user and the digital product. touchscreen of your mobile phone or iPad or the menu screen of the Self-ordering kiosk system at McDonald's. UI design focuses more on the visual design, overall feel and interactivity of the digital product.

UX and UI - How do they work together?

UX and UI have different roles, yet they work together in unison. BOTH are equally crucial for the success of a product. A great product experience begins with UX and is followed by UI. Suppose you come up with an innovative idea for an app. Here a UX designer can help you to plan and create features for your app and how the entire user journey would be as per the purpose. 

Though your app offers your target audience something they need when they download it, they find the visuals unclear, and the icons are very close, making them select the wrong option most of the time. Here, the bad UI design defeated your efforts to produce a good UX design.

If your app is visually attractive, with beautiful buttons and colorful information displays. But, the app's working is troublesome, making the user quit the app. Here it is very clear that a good UI can never make up for a bad UX design.

UX/UI—Careers and More

Let us explore some of the most popular UIUX career paths—

1. UI/UX Designer:

This is a combination of the roles of UI designer and UX designer. A UI designer designs a beautiful interface for the product, while the UX designer tries to give an optimum user experience to the user of the product. So it is always a wise move to know both the UI and UX design fields.

2. UX researcher:

Research plays a crucial role in UX design. A UX researcher gathers all the qualitative and quantitative data about the target audience's behaviour and shares this researched data with their design team. This helps the team to make data-informed decisions.

3. UX writer:

Once the UX designer has developed a product, the next step is to help the user understand the product and its use. This is where the role of the UX writer comes in. This is why a UX writer job is in high demand, the UX writer writes the corresponding copy. Along with knowing the basics of UX design, a UX writer has to be a gifted copywriter.

4. Information Architect:

An information architect creates a content and information pathway to help the product's end user easily navigate the pages. They create sitemaps and content hierarchy to help the user go from A to B.

5. UX strategist:

There is emergence of a new career in UIUX, that of a UX strategist. A UX strategist uses his powerful analytical skills to identify strategic business opportunities for the user. He aligns the design team's goals with the company's business goals and ensures they are working toward a common goal.

The above are the five most popular UIUX career paths. However, it is advisable to - 

  • Firstly, become strong in the fundamentals of UIUX with a good course,
  • Then ponder over the above list of UIUX career options.
  • Finally, let time and experience help you move your career forward in this UIUX field.

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