Organic SEO & Its Benefits

How does organic seo work?

Google plays a very significant role in the story of the organic search engine optimization process. The main goal of any search engine is to provide the best results to the searcher's query. Keeping this motive in mind, google don't just strive to deliver the specific information the users are searching for, but also considers aspects such as -

- User experience while checking a website
- Speed of the page
- Time spent at the website



These considerations play an important role in where your site appears on the search engine results page. SEO Basics Guide How does Organic SEO work? In alignment with Google's goal of providing the best search results to the searchers, organic SEO aims to create a website that has good standards as per Google's search engine.

So let us now look at some organic SEO strategies that can help you improve your website ranking:

Keyword Research

Keywords play the most important part in the SEO process where the best of keywords diverts the traffic to your website. For this you need to research proper keywords that relate to your business, and allow your website to appear on the top of SERP.

Content Creation

Your content can be effective only when it consists of appropriate keywords for the search engine. The next important thing is making the content valuable and informative from the viewer’s point of view. Hence your overall content should be valuable with proper keywords for your organic SEO operation.

Inclusion Of Internal Links

You should try to link other pages to your site. This lets the search engine understand and rank your website in a better way. You can indicate the importance of your particular pages to the search engine (like google), by providing an appropriate text and including specific internal links to your site.

Adding Multimedia

Visual elements like pictures, video graphics and other infographics engage the viewer more easily. Along with building more interest, it makes the viewer spend more time checking out your website.

Optimising Loading Time

When visiting your page, the viewer should not take a long time for the site to load; not more than 2 to 3 seconds. Hence optimising the page load time is a very important factor, for not letting the searcher leave off your site.

Image Tags

While posting images, you should make sure to add a description to the images in the form of codes. This helps the search engine to understand how the images are associated with the content on the site.

User Friendly & Aesthetically Appealing

You should try to make the navigation process for your website as simple as possible. And don't forget, this is a really important factor for the searchers. You should make this process easy with 3 aspects:

- Providing information quickly and efficiently
- Proper loading of the buttons and icons
- Updation of your site’s design

Why should you have a smart SEO strategy?

Be found by search engines and increase your web traffic with these smart strategies:

- Know where you stand by doing an SEO audit.
- Do keyword research and beat the algorithm.
- Define and optimise your MVPs or most valuable pages. They can be your home page or your service page. They are very important because they showcase your organization.
- Position yourself for giving the best results from amongst your competitors. Do this by conducting a competitive analysis.
- Ensure that your target audience is taking the desired actions. Make sure to fix broken links and slow loading times to have your site work optimally.

SEO is not a stand alone concept. It influences many other aspects of your organization, like marketing, sales, and IT. So if you haven't paid much heed to SEO strategizing before, start pondering on it now for a brighter future for your online business.

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