What Is Email Marketing?

Why is email marketing important?

With most of the people on email and over an estimated 4.5 billion people worldwide. With an ROI of Rs. 36 for every rupee spent, email marketing should have top priority in every marketer's kitty. 

Email marketing beats SEO, affiliate and social media marketing any day. And for this reason, the number of email users keeps rising every year. 

In fact, most marketers, if given a choice, would rather give up email marketing. So let's get started with the requisites of building a successful email campaign. 

In your email marketing strategy for your business, you send marketing messages to your prospects en masse.  Here are some tips to make your marketing campaigns successful. 

5 Amazing tips to make your email marketing campaigns successful

Give a human touch:

With scores of emails targeted at your audience from different businesses, it makes sense to make your email stand out from the rest. Giving it a human touch, helps you to bond directly with your email recipients. 

Titles that engage and connect:

Use titles that grab attention, but remember to make sure that they connect to the content of your email. Writing a disconnected headline will send out a spam signal to your audience, and they will unsubscribe, making your post ineffective. 

Short messages:

As most readers view their emails on their mobile, keeping your sentences short, readable, and simple is the best strategy. If you want to give more information, you can direct the users to your blog or your website. 

Use CTAs:

Include CTAs in your emails. They are what spur your readers to take action. It is the reason why you are writing a marketing email in the first place. Place two CTAs in the body of your email. One after the first introductory paragraph and the other at the bottom of the email. 

Ask permission and deliver:

Don't buy email lists. It is illegal and will piss off your readers. Also, when you promise something in your email, like a great offer, or great content, make sure that you keep your word and deliver. 

Advantages of Email marketing

Remember, for your reader, you are a guest in their inbox. With scores of emails inundating them with offers and pitches, they get irritated. It is good to be polite and well-behaved with your content. Being extra helpful is also a great payoff. If approached correctly, email marketing can be the best marketing strategy for you. 

Increased chance of conversion

As email marketing is permission-based, it is like being invited into someone's house. There are more chances of engagement if you have permission to connect and more chances of conversion.

More control

Your marketing is not at the mercy of the algorithm of the social media platform. You own the conversation, and you own the relationships. There is no danger of losing your contacts and all your hard work at the whim of an algorithm.

Direct access

People tend to open their email several times a day, and this gives you more direct access to your target audience, and your message gets a better chance to be seen.


Email marketing is easy to scale up without spending too many resources. You can offer consistent quality too.

3 essential elements of email marketing

Email lists

This is a list of email subscribers who have agreed to let you send them emails. You can grow your email list by drawing people in with a lead magnet like an offer they can't refuse. In exchange, you can ask for their email addresses. It is also important to keep your audience engaged once you have them on your list.

Email service provider

Email Service Provider or ESP helps in the designing of and in executing of email marketing campaigns. It is software also known as an email marketing platform and is a great help in managing your email lists. 

Defined goals

For an effective email marketing campaign, you must have clearly defined goals. Your goals should align with your email lists and your ESP. 

The first thing you can do is to section off your email list according to the demographics and behavior of your target audience. 
Then draft out a series of emails to spur your audience to take action once they have viewed the emails.  The final step is where your email service provider comes in handy. Use it to schedule emails and monitor and analyze email marketing campaigns. 

Best email marketing strategies

To make your emails successful, it is best to strategize well. Here are some best strategies:

Build your email list the right way

Ensure the quality of your email list, once you do that, you can attract your target audience. Tailor your strategy to the different businesses in your email list. For example, a case study may benefit a B2B business, but it may fail a B2C one.

Some of the ways you can build your list are by offering a giveaway or coupon, hosting a webinar or creating a useful asset that can be downloaded.

Get rid of waste 

Keep your list clean. Get rid of inactive accounts and wrong email addresses. If an email address is not responsive, you can send them an email asking them if they find your content useful or if they want to unsubscribe. Remove them from the list if they are not interested.

Keep engaged

This point is very important if you want your marketing to be successful. Keep the lines of communication open with daily email reminders, or they will forget who you are. If you find that the subscribers on your list are turning cold, re-engage them with promotional offers and paid ads.

Track your KPIs

Your email marketing campaign is of no use if you do not keep track of the performance of your campaign. The Key performance Indicators or KPIs define and keep you on track of your success. KPIs keep track of your click-through rates, open rates, blog traffic, sales rate, and unsubscribe rate.

Single objective

Focus on one single objective per campaign. Focussing on two or more things will confuse the target audience and disperse the impact you want your email marketing campaign to have.

Why it is important to get email marketing right

Before starting an email marketing strategy, learn to do it right. There are huge returns for those who are willing to go about it the right way. Remember, you are just a guest in people's inboxes. Play with politeness and good manners, as a decent guest would. 

Keep your promises and follow through once you have built a connection. Tailor your email to mirror your company's voice and needs. Analyze the progress of your strategy and adapt quickly to the changes required. With email marketing being the most successful one, its time to step up your strategy.

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