What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

In these times of digitalization in social media marketing, you need to stand out from the crowd. And for that, you need a brilliant social media strategy. 

It is not enough to merely post on social media platforms, several times a day. You have to give your time, work hard and engage with your prospects, in order to stand out as a brand.  You have to think innovatively, out of the box, and search out new platforms for engagement. 

Key elements of social media marketing

Some key elements that you have to get familiar with before you form your social media marketing strategy are:


Content is king, they say, for social media marketing. Content is whatever you post on different platforms, it can be videos, photos, blogs, captions, articles, or tweets. 
As a general rule, content needs to be tailored to the guidelines of the particular platform it is posted on. 


You can post all the content you can manage on social media platforms, but if it is not in the right context, it is of no use. Thus one can say that context is God. 

For example, you can't sandwich a great quote in the middle of a long text. People may miss it. However, you can place the quote as a tweet, and it will get eyeballs.  In the same way, place a great call to action at the end of your written piece. 


Hashtags are common tools of meta information that get you discovered on social media. They should be relevant to your brand. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all use hashtags to mark your content or make it part of the current trends.


When your content garners shares, it is the best type of social promotion. When your post gets shared, you can celebrate. It means your post has multiplied its reach. You can say that share is the currency of social media marketing.


When people like, comment, or share your post, it can be said to be a form of engagement. A great piece of content gets more engagement and helps to put your brand out into the world. 

The Five Pillars Of Social Media Marketing

With around 4.5a billion people on social media, it is a smart move to jump onto the bandwagon. These days a company would do well to keep aside a large percentage of its marketing spend for social media marketing. If you want to ace your social media marketing, you have to pay attention to these five pillars.

A great strategy: 

A great marketing strategy is a must for and forms the backbone of your social media. It is of prime importance to get the right content to the right people at the right time. Without a proper strategy, you will not be able to realize your marketing goals, you won't be able to understand your target market, and you won't be able to drive clients to your brand. It's as simple as that.

A good content strategy should involve the creation of valuable content, drive engagement to that piece of content, and convert a lead into a paying client.

Your strategy should also have properly defined goals, a clear path to reach that goal, and a measure of your progress along the way. The strategy should be flexible and should be changed if it is not working.

The plan for publishing:

The content you publish should have a plan. Haphazardly posting random content does not work in the best interests of your brand. To make your content valuable for your audience, you need to first know your audience, and then plan your content around their needs. 

Content of high quality makes you stand out from the crowd and gets you noticed. Your content should speak of the values inherent in your brand, it should be your brand’s voice.

Engage with your audience:

Once you have posted your content, the next step is to be vigilant and respond to those who view, and notice your brand. If the feedback is positive, then you need to come up with more similar content, but if the feedback is negative, then you need to adjust and make changes accordingly.

The important thing is to listen to your audience, and play on their scarcities.  It is also a good move to keep up with the latest trends, gain knowledge of your industry, and follow those trends that the influencers in your industry are following. Search out new streams of income in your niche. 


Once you have formed a social media strategy, and are running it, then the next task is to analyze the metrics and change them if they are underperforming. Analysing helps you to understand your customers' behaviour. Find out which platform works best for your brand,  and refine your strategy. 

Find out the best times to post, and get information about your competitor's strategy.  Once you have gone through the analytics you will be better able to understand what works best for you. You will be able to spend more time on what works and waste less effort. 
Make sure that your posts appear in the feeds of your target audience, before you target your content at them. 


There are three main types of social media advertising. 

Organic: Content that picks up engagement naturally, without any cost. 

Paid: Content that costs money to post and is sponsored. 

Earned: Content that is given in the form of likes, shares etc, and is free. 

There are several ways to advertise your brand on social media. You can create and post content. Create and promote posts that are sponsored. Join social media groups that are specific to your industry, and engage with the audience there. Create appealing content and get people to follow your business page. 

Offer downloadables like videos and podcasts on your social media platforms. Remember if you want brand recognition, enhance your base of loyal customers and get more paying customers, then advertising is the best strategy. 


In addition to these strategies in social media marketing, you should remember to focus on a niche, or a specific demographic. Build up a good base of loyal, quality customers. Connect with influencers in your industry and engage with them. Be consistent with good quality content and relevant comments. Invite feedback, both positive and negative. 

It is most important to be highly visible and easy to connect on social media. Your customers will find you, if they know where to find you! 

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