Why choose Digital Marketing as a career?

Nowadays, people are surrounded by digital devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. You will agree that grabbing someone's attention and making them look at you while they are on their phones is difficult! So it is better to take this to your advantage by indulging yourself in the field of digital marketing.

With the advancement in technology and the job opportunities it is creating globally, it is time to explore and understand the business world with an eye for “digital marketing.” The term "Digital Marketing" has become quite savvy. Businesses are marketing their products digitally. 

You find yourself bombarded by ads, content, and images on your smartphone, TV, and computer. All this is related to digital marketing.

Throughout the two years of the Covid19 pandemic, one career path saw a steep rise when people were being laid off from jobs. The career of digital marketing.

Why was that?

People across the globe isolated themselves in their homes and could not access a supply of essential commodities.

To address this situation, they turned to shop online. Everything from a needle to a coat, from a toothbrush to a bed, could be bought on the internet.This led to a boom in digital marketing activities.

The traditional methods of face-to-face physical marketing are slowly dying out as digital marketing fills the gap. Today, the most in-demand jobs in the marketing and advertising industry are those of a media planner, content manager, and social media manager.

With people of all generations being online 24/7, it is wise for marketers to use digital media for marketing communications. As the digital environment is constantly evolving, its applications are continuously upgrading. This creates a wonderful opportunity for digital marketers to develop their skills and impact clients.

Ecommerce marketing platforms frequently introduce better, enhanced features to attract more users. This increases the requirement for more and more engaging audio and video content. Ultimately the marketing game is to attract and retain more customers.

Digital marketers have the added advantage of analyzing and tracking their marketing campaigns.

REASONS for why should you choose a career in Digital Marketing

Some of the reasons you should choose a career in digital marketing are:

With everything getting digitized, more and more businesses are on the lookout for digitally competent marketers. 

With insufficient talent in the pool, there is a vast gap between the demand and supply of digital marketers. With companies scrambling to hire digital marketers, it is best for you if you upgrade yourself on this most highly in-demand skill.

With digital marketing growing exponentially, companies must market their products and services through digital platforms. A digital marketer is experienced in ad campaigns, developing content strategies, and setting up a business online. A company cannot scale its business without the help of an expert digital marketer.

As you undertake a course in digital marketing, you enhance your knowledge of online tools and platforms. You can start your own business with these skills. It has become essential for an entrepreneur to learn digital marketing skills.

Digital marketers are highly in demand, reflecting on being offered higher salaries. This is a great time to be a digital marketer. They are also being offered better roles in the organizations they apply to.

While most professions require formal college degrees, a digital marketer needs a short course to acquire online marketing skills, create a respectable portfolio, and be ready to foray into an amazing digital marketing career. 

Plus, the digital marketing community is a very empathic one. People are ready to help each other with useful tips.

You are kept abreast of the latest advances in the digital space. With something new coming across nearly every day, you have to be up-to-date with the different social media platforms and their latest policies.

Careers in Digital Marketing Field

Once you decide on entering the field of digital marketing, many jobs are awaiting you in this growing tech market. Let’s discuss some hot shot careers in digital marketing according to the skill set you want to master in:

Email Marketing

Here the Email Marketer sends messages through emails. But the job is not as simple as it looks! It needs specialised skills to target the correct audience. The business is promoted by sending emails to the customers and the prospects, as they are made aware of the products and services.

The important aspect of the email marketing is to testify to different subject lines, text, formats, and aesthetics of the email message to get the maximum attention of the audience.

The average salary of an Email Marketing Manager is Rs. 6 LPA in India.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization plays a very crucial role in the digital marketing arena. Aligning with the goal of every content that is, to be readily available and easily discovered by the viewer, SEO stands like the main pillar of support to anything and everything that requires digital marketing.

SEO offers numerous jobs to SEO specialists who can understand all social media concerns, and has knowledge and skills to work on competitive analysis, content quality, and website analytics. Eventually helping out raise online traffic and credibility.

The average salary of an SEO Specialist is Rs. 4.2 LPA.

Social Media Marketing

The most important and integral part of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing deals with the promotion of brands on various social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

The role of the Social Media Manager is to develop strategies and keep up with the current market trends to get hold of the correct audience. The job role is a bridge between the content, display and design, and the management and online promotion of the brand.

The average salary of a Social Media Manager in India is around Rs. 4 LPA.


“Writing” is an integral part of the digital marketing field. Here is where copywriters come into action with their content which includes taglines, emails, ads, product descriptions, video scripts etc. 

The role of a Copywriter is to create a content copy that attracts the attention of the viewers in the world full of distractions. Hence those with a strong writing background, a creative mindset, and an inbuilt curiosity to learn and adapt to new knowledge are in great demand.

The average salary of a Copywriter is Rs. 4.2 LPA in India.

Content Writing

Though may look similar, Content Writing and Copywriting are two different roles associated with Digital Marketing. Content Writers create a longer form of marketing content which includes website articles, blog posts, ebooks and case studies and ties readers to the site throughout the sales process.

The average salary of a Content Writer in India is Rs.3 LPA which may grow with more experience in the field.

Digital Advertising

The role of Digital Advertising is vast and takes a dominant position in the Digital Marketing playground. The job of an Advertiser is to showcase the right product or service in front of the right people. 

They collaborate with different media brands, to determine what content suits best for each outlet; negotiating on rates, terms and conditions that is agreeable to both parties. 

This field offers great career options for creative individuals who like working in a fast-paced, sociable work culture.

The average salary of an Advertising Manager is Rs.5.8 LPA in India.

Affiliate Marketing

A commission based program where the publishers earn a commission by promoting the product/service of a company using an affiliate link. A payout is awarded to the affiliate partner for providing positive results to the company. The result is usually a “sale” but many
companies award you for leads, clicks to a website, free trial users or getting downloads of an app.

The average salary of an Affiliate Marketer is 3 LPA in India with a scope to grow to 6 lacs rupees according to knowledge, skills and experience in this domain.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

It is a process that improves an app’s visibility in the app store. Using optimal keywords, appropriate images and localized descriptions, you can rank higher, driving more downloads due to visibility.

The average salary of an ASO Analyst in India is 3.7 LPA.

Digital Marketing Training at Snable

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