Why do we use Python for web development?

Why do we use Python for web development?

The term “web development” has different meanings and connotations depending on usage. For some, it is just a simple business website; for some, it is their blog, while for a few, it is a social media presence, and for others, “all of the above.”

Everything that revolves around creating, building, and maintaining websites is Web Development. In simple language, it is just the “software” you use on the web; anything and everything you reach out to through your web browser is “web development.”

Though it may sound simple, web development is a complicated task. Many coding languages are used to make a great web product. But which language will you choose? There is one language that stands out in popularity with web developers. “Python” has become the language of choice and has gained a cult status amongst web development frameworks. It is robust and responsive, and less complex. It can adapt quickly to technological changes.

Several top companies around the world, like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, etc., use Python as a programming language. Let us discuss a couple of them:

Instagram—Python allows its millions of users to photograph, edit, store and share their creative journey in a personal digital album

Spotify— A highly popular music streaming app that uses data analytics to manage its Radio and Discover features.

In this article, we introduce you to the characteristics of the Python language and the benefits of using it in web development.

What is Python?

Python has become the most popular language used for web development on a global level as a general computer programming language. Used by developers and non-developers alike, it is used for several things—from website building and software testing to present-day Machine Learning technology.

It has become the most used programming language due to its versatility and beginner-friendly usage. Python is considered one of the world's fastest-growing computer languages. Being a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use language is the reason Python is so popular. The Python community is very active, and many organizations use it to support multiple programming applications.

It is commonly used for:

  • Website development
  • Software Testing
  • Task automation
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization

Benefits of Python

  • Python is easy to use and read. It is very similar to the English language we use every day.
  • Its simple syntax enables you to deal with complex systems and ensure that all elements have a clear interrelationship.
  • Using Python makes it possible to visualize data easily and make your reports clear and easy to understandThis quality makes the communication between the developers using Python more efficient. 
  • Easy to learn, Python is used extensively even by non-programmers like scientists and accountants to organize finances and other daily tasks. 

Reasons - Why Python for Web development?

When you decide to build a business website, there are many technologies to help you out. So why should you select “python” for building your website? There are many opinions in favor of this, so let us look at it.

  • No need to reinvent the wheel: Since Guido van Rossum created the Python language, he has been working on it continuously to keep it up to date. Python was invented in the 90s, meaning nearly 30 years of continuous improvement.A seasoned python programmer knows the ins and outs of the language and does not have to rack his brains trying to figure out the solutions
  • Python is a mature and secure language: Python is a mature and stable language; if you want a web application with security as its strong point, you should go with it.Python is great for developing fintech apps because it can easily deal with large amounts of data and offer military-like security.
  • It has a range of libraries: The python package index has a library for everything. These libraries help you to access databases quickly for developing patterns using python. They range from tiny ones to large complex tools.
  • Django, the secret weapon of Python: Python has a secret weapon up its sleeve. Django is a collection of libraries that form a great framework for web development. It takes away the pain of building and gluing different parts together. Using the Django framework, developers can focus on the crucial creative tasks of web development. Django saves time because it covers more out-of-the-box cases.
  • Python developers are easy to find: Even newbie Python programmers can give you great results with your projects. A Python programmer is a great choice if you need to build a team quickly.

In finance and healthcare-related projects, where you need to analyze, visualize and predict large amounts of data, Python is a great choice either as the main technology used or in a supportive role.

In terms of popularity, python has a general-purpose programming language that is second only to JavaScript. But regarding AI Machine Learning, Python is the true king of the programming languages. According to experts, it is the main language used for AIML and will continue to dominate in the near future.

Python can be used when you require both the use of execution and speed of development. According to Piotr Podgórski (Solutions Architect)—

Python is a very good language to build and iterate quickly. Performance is important but responding to changing needs is even more so. Plus, with good architecture, you can always find and optimize bottlenecks.”

Ultimately, why will Python be the right fit for your project?

  • Because Python is simple, powerful and well designed
  • Python has been maturing for decades with continuous development
  • It is very secure and reliable
  • It can be fashioned into many different types of web applications

If you haven't tried Python yet, all the above-stated reasons make sense to use Python for your next project!

So whether you are looking to build a website, develop software, conduct data analysis or automate your tasks, Python is the answer to all your programming concerns.

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